Diamond IP is intellectual property management and licensing services company that is set to compete in the highly competitive intellectual property licensing industry not only in the regional market, but also in the global market.

Diamond IP’sclient platform will not be restricted to just businesses and organizations in Egypt but globally. Diamond IP is part of PIONEERS OF EXCELLENCE for Excellence.

What we offer?

Diamond – IP has international experts specialized in all fields of the intellectual property rights to meet the needs of both local and global companies or individuals to protect their IP.

Our Services?

  1. Patent / design Applications filling and Trade Mark registration
  2. Patent Application Drafting (Jurisdiction Based)
  3. Claims Management
  4. Patent Illustrations
  5. Response to IP Offices action
  6. Patent Prosecution Support
  7. IP Evaluations
  8. State of Art Research and Monitoring
  9. Infringement Search
  10. Translation Services
  11. Training and certification services
  12. IP Renewal
  13. Litigation Support
  14. Patent Proofreading
  15. Intellectual Property Enforcement Services
  16. Patentability Search and Novelty Search

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to Bring the International and Local Market new ways to manage IP more efficiently, minimize risk an make better decisions through high end technology and platform application .
Our Vision is to Develop and Spread the awareness to the importance of Intellectual Property by holding forums, meetings and training courses in all fields of IP

Get Benefit of “filing” and “registration” for IP

Our Clients :


    Diamond IP has handled over 19 Patents and Licenses for SURGINOVI UK

  • Bone & Joint Center

    Diamond IP has managed all IP abstracts for B&J MIDDLE EAST

Over 50 Inventors and Accounts

Our Partners :

  • Core IP
  • Bone & Joint Center

Diamond IP has over fifty collaborations and partnerships with IP offices and law firms across the globe.